Food Ordering System

All About Food Ordering System

Food Ordering System

Your personal ordering cart

Food Application to order food online where the user has the option to search and select nearby restaurants and order.

Features for the Restaurant Owners

  1. 1. Create your own menu list
  2. 2. Receive orders
  3. 3. Set your area limit for deliveries
  4. 4. Manage different payment modes, invoices, order history, etc.
  5. 5. Features for the users on the Mobile app
  6. 6. Add your selection to cart
  7. 7. Place online orders
  8. 8. Make payments or check order histories
  9. 9. Access the customer support option for concerns

Features Of App Admin

  1. 1. Creating Restaurant owners accounts
  2. 2. Creating and managing the Food Categories
  3. 3. Check Reports of Order History transactions, etc.
  4. 4. View Transaction Reports Restaurant wise.

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